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About City Council

City of Milwaukie Oregon Official Website

The City of Milwaukie has a Council-Manager form of government.  

All powers of the City of Milwaukie are vested in the Council except as otherwise specifically provided in the Milwaukie Municipal Code (MMC).  The four elected Councilors and the elected Mayor comprise the City Council, originally called the Common Council, and act as representatives of the citizens of the city concentrating on policy issues in response to the community's needs. 

The City Manager is appointed by the Council to serve as the administrative head of the government of the city and to advise the Council and the community.
Visit the City Recorder's Archives pages to view listings of former City Councilors, Mayors of Milwaukie, and City Managers.

No person is eligible for an elective office in the city unless at the time of the election, the person is a qualified elector of the state and has resided in the city during the six months immediately preceding the election. If during the term of office, the officer ceases to reside in the city, the office shall be deemed vacant.

Along with the City Manager, the city's appointive officers include the City Attorney and Municipal Judge. Each such officer is appointed and removed by a majority vote of the entire City Council. In the case of the Municipal Judge, the Council may designate a state court to perform the judicial functions of the city.