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City of Milwaukie Oregon Official Website

Milwaukie residents are encouraged to attend upcoming visioning meetings and visit a new website the Clackamas County Parks and Recreation District has created that are dedicated to the development of four Neighborhood Parks located around Milwaukie.

For more information, view the City's press release announcing the meetings.

For the Parks Districts Project page, click here.

Key City Topics

  • City of Milwaukie Oregon Official Website

    The First Saturday Music Series resumes in October with Mario Carbone the honky tonk keyboard artist extraordinaire Saturday, October 4th at 2pm.

  • City of Milwaukie Oregon Official Website

    For the fourth straight year the City's arts committee, know as the artMOB, is calling on community members to create scarecrows for display in front of City Hall.

  • City of Milwaukie Oregon Official Website

    Last year successful community events such as the Milwaukie Festival of Short Film, the Davis Graveyard and the Farmers’ Market all received grant monies made available by Clackamas County through its Community Partnership Program.

    The agency is granting money for 2014-2015, so if you have an idea for an event or program that will bring folks to Milwaukie, it might be eligible to receive some funding to get the idea off the ground.

    Click "More" to view the Application packet attachments. The grant deadline is October, 17, 2014.

  • City of Milwaukie Oregon Official Website

    Every resident can help protect our local waterways and the water we drink by being mindful of what goes down the drains you see in the City's streets. Pollutants that go down those drains flow untreated directly into our streams and rivers, and some of those drains discharge to subsurface drywells which may impact the aquifer that  Milwaukie relies upon for drinking water.