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Police Cadet Program Summary

The Milwaukie Police Department sponsors a Police Cadet Program open to high school and college age students between 16 and 21 years of age (some exceptions may be made to 15 year olds with a valid drivers's permit).

The program provides realistic experience encompassing the profession of law enforcement. Experience gained through this program enables young adults to better evaluate if they find law enforcement to be a career suitable to their talents.

Cadets attend and must graduate an academy, must perform ongoing training, and ride along with patrol officers. Cadets assist in traffic control, perform vacation checks of citizens’ homes, and perform various tasks that do not require legal authority.

Our cadets consistently show how beneficial the program is to our department and community by quickly responding to ‘emergency call-outs’ during inter-agency crime scene investigations. Their willingness to assist in perimeter control, various equipment deliveries, and transportation duties has made them a valuable asset to the police department.

Some students volunteer as police cadets merely as a community service, but statistics have shown over 60 percent of our cadets go on to pursue careers in law enforcement, oftentimes being hired as Milwaukie Police Officers.

For more information on the Milwaukie Police Cadet Program, please see the special Cadet Program overview section.