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Residential Development Standards Survey

City of Milwaukie Oregon Official Website

THE SURVEY HAS BEEN CLOSED. Thank you for your participation!

The City of Milwaukie is just beginning a project to update its regulations for residential development outside of downtown, and we want your input! 

 Project outcomes may include:

  • Updated site and building design standards for new single-family homes.
  • New building design standards for single-family home additions.
  • New site and building design standards for new multifamily development.
  • Allowance for a greater diversity of residential dwelling types.

The City governs development in residential zones by regulating uses, site design, and building design.

  • Uses. Residential zones allow certain types of uses. Some are very restrictive and only allow single family dwellings. Others are more permissive and allow a range of uses including single family, multifamily housing such as condominiums and apartments, and office uses.
  • Site Design. Development standards regulate how sites are designed including, but not limited to, where buildings and parking can be located on the property, and how much landscaping is needed.
  • Building Design. Design standards regulate how buildings look including, but not limited to, the number and size of windows, building materials and colors, and roof pitch.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey to help shape the future look and feel of the City’s residential areas. You can complete the survey here online. You can also print out a hard copy and return it to Susan Shanks at the Planning Department (6101 SE Johnson Creek Blvd, Milwaukie, OR 97206).

Please complete and return your survey by: 5:00 p.m. on Monday, February 21

All information is anonymous and confidential. No information will be identified with any specific property and no answers will result in code enforcement actions against survey participants.

Please provide us with some information about yourself. We need it make sure we are reaching a broad group of residents. Any information you provide will be anonymous and confidential.

If you don’t live in Milwaukie, indicate the nearest intersection to your place of business or employment in Milwaukie.

Check all that apply.

Questions 6-11

Questions 6 – 11 are about the types of buildings and uses that you think should be allowed in the City’s residential zones.

The City’s residential zones (excluding downtown) are divided into two types:
• Multifamily residential zones, which allow multiple dwellings on one lot, as well as single family homes and duplexes
• Single family residential zones, which allow single family homes and, in some cases, duplexes.

Check all that apply.

Check all that apply. 

Questions 12-17

Questions 12 – 17 are about the types of building design standards you think the City should develop.

The City’s current design standards only apply to new single family homes or duplexes. They do not apply to new multifamily dwellings, garages, or remodels or expansions of existing homes.

Check all that apply.

Check all that apply.

If so, please provide your name and contact information here, or contact Susan Shanks directly at or (503) 786-7653.

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