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Council adopts the Natural Resource Overlay Project code amendments

City of Milwaukie Oregon Official Website

Update: Council voted 4-1 to adopt the proposed amendments to the zoning code that replace the Water Quality Resources section with a new and expanded Natural Resources section at its Aug. 2, 2011 Council Meeting.

Council's approval caps the 3 1/2 year-long project that involved four Planning Commission hearings and two City Council hearings and hundreds of hours of citizen participation and feedback. These new regulations will better protect the natural resources that make our town unique and beautiful. 

 The City already had strong protections in place to preserve the quality of water in the community’s streams and wetland areas. Now the City has broadened those protections to include sensitive wildlife habitat and thereby comply with Metro’s Title 13, the Nature in Neighborhoods initiative. To do this, the City amended its code to establish new guidelines for future construction in and around streamside and wetland habitats. Use the Web Links below to learn more about this project.

The Planning Commission opened the public hearing on the proposed amendments on March 22. To allow more time for public comment, the hearing was continued to April 12 and then again to April 26 and June 14 for Commissioner deliberations. (Click here to access the E-Packets and Minutes from these meetings.)

At the June 14 hearing, the Commission voted to recommend that City Council adopt the proposed amendments. City Council opened a public hearing on July 19 (click here to access the E-packet); the hearing was continued to August 2, 2011 (click here for the E-packet). The most recent drafts of the proposed amendments are available on the project website here.

City Council adopted the amendments by a 4-1 margin at the August 2, 2011 Council meeting.

The new rules will become effective on September 15, 2011. In the meantime, staff is developing educational and informational materials to help property owners, residents, and developers understand how the rules work.

For more information contact staff directly:

Brett Kelver, Associate Planner, at (503) 786-7657 or