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Monroe Steet Neighborhood Greenway Concept Design Project

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Monroe Street is a key east-west route across Milwaukie, connecting a number of the city's Neighborhoods with Downtown Milwaukie. While there are a number of good connections across town for vehicles, the east-west routes for bicycles and pedestrians are more limited. The City’s Transportation System Plan (TSP) has identified Monroe Street as a "High" priority for bicycle and pedestrian improvements as a "neighborhood greenway."

What is a Neighborhood Greenway?

Neighborhood greenways are low-volume, low-speed routes that provide safe connections across the city for bicyclists and pedestrians. They are not “bicycle only” streets.

Neighborhood greenways often include improvements that calm traffic and reduce vehicle speeds (for example, with curb extensions or mini traffic circles), making them safer for neighbors as well as for all users (bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists), and sometimes reducing cut-through traffic from outside the neighborhood. On-street parking may remain in most locations, since cars parked along the street can have the effect of making the street seem narrower and therefore slowing down traffic.

Developing a Concept Plan

The City has secured a grant from the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) to create a Concept Plan. The Monroe Street Neighborhood Greenway Concept Design project is engaging residents (especially those who live on or near Monroe Street) and other interested parties to assess current conditions and needs, evaluate best practices that remedy those needs, and develop design options for the community to consider for the different segments of Monroe Street.

A Project Advisory Committee (PAC) has been formed to provide guidance to the design consultant who will be working on the project through the ODOT grant. The PAC is comprised of both community representatives and technical advisors (see inset box). The PAC will meet several times throughout the project to review and discuss drafts of the Concept Plan as it emerges. There will also be at least two public workshops to present information to the larger community and get input and perspective from residents and others who use Monroe Street.

If you are interested in the project, you are encouraged to attend one of the public workshops (tentatively set for mid-November 2014 and mid-January 2015) or communicate your concerns to one of the PAC members.

For questions about this project, please contact Brett Kelver, the project manager in the Planning Department, who is available by phone at (503) 786-7657 or e-mail at