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Free "Down To Earth" junk collection day set for June 1st - Get your coupon here!

City of Milwaukie Oregon Official Website

Milwaukie’s Annual Junk Collection event, called “Down to Earth,” day is Sat., June 1st from 8 a.m. to noon at the Crosswhite Industrial park on Johnson Creek Blvd, located at 6641 SE Johnson Creek Blvd.

The Down To Earth Day Clean Up event is available to City of Milwaukie residents only. Curbside collection for the elderly and disabled is available on a limited basis. For curbside pickup, to volunteer or for questions, contact Sherri Dow at 503-742-4463 or

WHAT’S ACCEPTED: Load in this order for easy unloading – Appliances, scrap metal, tires (10 max.), yard debris (less than 6 ft. long & 4 in. across) and bulky discards such as old wood, furniture, mattresses, lawnmowers without gas or oil, BBQs-no propane tanks, carpet, plumbing fixtures, windows, etc.

WHAT’S NOT ACCEPTED: Hazardous materials, electronics, paint, household garbage, liquids, animal waste, propane tanks, batteries, drums, dirt, sod, stumps, rock, concrete, industrial or commercial waste. Some items may not be appropriate and will be refused.

Maximum load size: pickup or small utility trailer. One load per household. Vehicles not in line by 12, noon will be turned away.

Bring a copy of the this coupon and your City of Milwaukie utility bill for free disposal of one load of bulky waste from your residence.