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The Ledding Library of Milwaukie serves the people of Milwaukie by providing materials and services that meet their informational, cultural and recreational needs.

Any residents of Clackamas County (except for Johnson City), Multnomah County, Washington County, Hoodland and Ft. Vancouver are eligible for a library card.  Come into any library in Clackamas County to obtain a card.  We require government-issued photo ID with a current address (or proof of your current address).

The library has books, compact discs, videos, DVD's, computer software, books on tape, newspapers and magazines all available to the people of our community.

We provide a wide range of services as well: story hours, reading clubs and craft programs are provided to the children of our community. Adults enjoy Ledding Library's book club and our cultural and musical programs. Computer and Internet access are provided for all ages.

The library staff provides outreach services to the community. Library materials are delivered to homebound patrons and schools and childcare centers are visited regularly by staff members.

Mission Statement:

The Ledding Library of Milwaukie upholds the principles of intellectual freedom and the public's right to know by providing people of all ages with access and personalized guidance to information technology and collections that reflect all points of view. The library supports pursuit of education and personal goals by providing informational, recreational, and cultural materials and services including those utilizing advancing technologies.