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Mayor Gamba

City of Milwaukie Oregon Official Website

First Elected 5/19/2015
Term Expires 12/31/2018

Mayor Mark Gamba was born and raised in Colorado. Although he has lived in in Oregon for over two decades, he has worked all over the world as a photographer with many assignments from National Geographic.

Mark intends to help make Milwaukie become more livable, equitable and sustainable, the primary motivation behind his public service to the City in several different roles.  Paying great attention to all available information, he will work to forestall issues facing us all to help make Milwaukie more vibrant as well as more resilient.

Mayor Gamba was elected to office in May 2015 at a Special Election to fill the vacant position of Mayor and to complete the remainder of a four-year term ending in December 2018.  Prior to his election as Mayor, he served on the City Council, having been elected in November 2012 to Council Position No. 3.  Before holding elected office he served on the City's artMob Committee and Planning Commission. 

Duties and Responsibilities of the Mayor:

  • Acts as Chairman of the Council, presides over its deliberations, and has the authority to preserve order, enforce the rules of the Council and determine the order of business, subject to the rules of the Council.
  • Appoints members of the various committees provided for under the rules of the Council and fills all vacancies in committees of the Council from that body.
  • The Mayor is also a voting member of the Council and has no veto power.
  • Signs all Ordinances and written Resolutions and orders approved by the Council.
  • Signs all instruments and writings authorized by the City Charter, the laws of the State, or the Council.

See the Mayors of Milwaukie page for a complete listing of the city's former mayors.

Contact Information
Phone: (cell) 971-404-5274